1900 – From anvil to CAD program

In the 19th century, when Kiekert was still a small producer of door latches and fittings, there were actually only two types of employees – fitters and delivery people. One of them used a hammer and anvil to make the heavy metal constructions and the other delivered them throughout the region by horse and cart or by train. Today, not only have our production and delivery methods changed, the trades and professions at Kiekert are far more diverse than they were 160 years ago.

Kiekert‘s latch factory at the turn of the century
Production Kiekert Heiligenhaus

That starts with the Production function. Producing a precision instrument like a Kiekert latch calls for a whole lot of experts specialized in a diverse array of manufacturing processes. Development, testing, prototype build and production – it takes a broad spectrum of engineers to bring a Kiekert product from its initial idea to series production.

In contrast to the 19th century, our products are also no longer transported to customers with four horsepower, but a good deal faster – over land, on water and by air. It’s all handled by a well-honed logistics team that knows the capacities of our 50 warehouses around the world inside out.

The complexity of projects within the automotive sector has risen substantially in recent years. Our partnership with more than 60 different automotive groups is handled by our international Project Management team – with more than 200 projects currently ongoing. At the interface between customers and suppliers, they ensure our products arrive with the customer on time, to the specified quality and within budget.

Warehouse Kiekert Czech Republic

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