Simple becomes complex, yet simple again

When Arnold Kiekert began making door fittings for furniture 160 years ago, the car had not yet been invented. The preferred mode of transport was the horse and door latches were simple but massive constructions made from iron and steel.

Today, Kiekert is a close partner to the automotive industry and our latches are precision tools. For good reason, because the wishes of car drivers and, with them, the demands of the auto industry are growing continuously, which is why we are further developing our latches. One in three vehicles worldwide is now equipped with a latch designed by Kiekert.

Workshop for door construction
The Kiekert E-latch

And today? The next evolutionary step for automotive latches is the electric latch. Looking to the future, it will enable new kinds of opening concepts – touch sensors, for instance, could soon make door handles completely superfluous. Just like unlocking a smartphone, you would be able to open the car door with a touch ID. Or you might unlock your car door by entering a pin code into your smartphone. Our E-latch is a real benefit in terms of safety, too. Equipped with temporary mechanical redundancy, its downstream mechanical actuation chain also guarantees safe opening of the door in the event of a power loss.

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