1974 – Evolution of a classic

A technological quantum leap that heralds the era of automatic locking and unlocking of car doors in the 70s is the invention of central locking. Kiekert became the first supplier to launch its central locking. Suddenly it was possible just by locking the driver’s door to lock all the other car doors at the same time. Over the years, central locking is continuously developed and it is soon also possible to lock and unlock the trunk and fuel filler cap via central locking.

Doors even lock themselves without direct actuation. The latest central locking systems automatically lock the vehicle once it reaches a speed of 8 km/h. And looking beyond safety and security, central locking has also developed considerably in terms of weight. It used to be the case that each door had to be equipped with a locking cylinder. This is no longer necessary – saving costs and packaging space.

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