1970 – From actuation mechanisms for buses to electric soft-close systems for car doors

Kiekert moves more than you may think. Did you know that, as well as latches for vehicle doors and lids, we also produce actuation systems for the automotive industry? And it comes from a long tradition! Well into the 70s, our headquarters in Heiligenhaus were producing automatic systems for all kinds of doors – e.g. the SkyTrain at Düsseldorf Airport.

It was during the 70s that the focus of our production shifted increasingly towards the rapidly growing car market. However, our development engineers successfully use the expertise we acquired in the field of actuation systems in the car sector, too. For example, sliding doors for vans are set in motion thanks to Kiekert actuators. It’s also worth mentioning that a Kiekert actuator moves the world’s largest electric sliding side door – installed in the Mercedes Sprinter.

We are also responsible for the world’s first electromagnetic and motorized soft-close system, which automatically pull doors into the latch when they are not fully closed.

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