Safety first

Our most important criteria in product development are the safety of vehicle occupants and the security of their property. Kiekert ensures both with a wide range of innovations, like our child safety locks (see video), which have been part of Kiekert’s product lineup for many years. They prevent the door from being opened from within involuntarily while the car is driving or parked. Unlike conventional child safety locks, the driver can conveniently unlock the secured rear door from the driver’s seat with a Kiekert electric child safety lock.

Another important Kiekert innovation is Active Inertia, a blocking mechanism that prevents the sudden opening of a door in the event of an accident.

Kiekert i-protect

The latest milestone in the field of safety technology is i-protect. This innovative combination of sensor system and an integrated stopping mechanism reliably prevents accidents when stepping in and out of the vehicle. Be it cyclists, other cars or static objects – the sensor integrated into the door identifies the danger in time and reacts by immediately braking the door. This not only avoids injuries, it also puts a stop to paint damage and dents. The i-protect door protection sensor system is an important part of our “car door of tomorrow”, which combines sensor system, door opener and soft-close assistance.

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