Great diversity, small actuators

Small and incredibly helpful. Besides door latches, Kiekert also manufactures a wide assortment of actuators for vehicle interiors. Kiekert already had the first of these miniature actuators in its lineup back in the 70s. Today, we supply our practical latches in the form of the Kiekert miniature actuator kit – a range of versatile and compact safety and comfort aids within a single, standardized system. As a flexible automotive supplier, this enables us to realize a diverse array of customer wishes – while also guaranteeing safe locking and unlocking.

Kiekert miniature actuator kit

One example is our latch for the glove box and center console. And our i-fold system, which automatically releases the rear-seat backrests, delivers a very high level of comfort and convenience. The standard solution of applying substantial force via a recessed lever is replaced by automatic actuation via a spring in the backrest structure or the weight of the rear seat itself.

Just as practical is Kiekert’s automatic release for head restraints. A touch of a button is all it takes, and the head restraints fold forward mechanically or facilitates automatic deployment and retraction of the head restraints.

Since 2015, we have had another miniature actuator in our lineup – our latch for electric charging sockets. It secures the fuel cap when the vehicle is locked and the charging plug during the charging process, thus assisting in the safe and secure flow of current into the electric vehicle.

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