2014 – A different approach to innovation

Developing innovative ideas for our customer – that’s a core competence at Kiekert. But sometimes, we need innovative ideas for our own company, too. At Kiekert, we believe that success comes with dedicated employees who network effectively with one another.

That’s why Kiekert decided to launch an employee initiative led by the workforce and entitled “Zukunftsmacher”. This program enables our colleagues to play an active role in shaping Kiekert’s future and to introduce new ideas to the company.

We began our initiative in spring 2015 with the selection of 27 representatives tasked with setting new ideas in action. The second step was the implementation of employee suggestions, which were further developed with members of the management team before being put to an employee vote. Under the heading “Central Park”, our break rooms now boost energy. The “Kiekert Golden Skills” project promotes the inclusion of people with physical disabilities. And the “Turbo-Charge Your Skills” mentoring program supports internal knowledge sharing.

There is substantial interest in the “Zukunftsmacher”, and not just within Kiekert. It has also caused quite a sensation outside of the company and won several international awards, e.g. the “HR Excellence Award” for “Employee Commitment” and the “German Design Award” for “Employee Integration and Motivation”. And our “Kiekert Golden Skills” project received the “Most Valuable Case Award 2017” from the Chinese “Human Resource Excellence Center” in recognition of our work in the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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