2018 – Intelligent latches for smart vehicles

Mobility makes our lives easier. Whether it keeps us dry on the way to work, helps us pick the kids up from school or brings us quickly to the doctor’s in an emergency, a car is a piece of personal freedom for many people. Autonomous driving is set to offer even more freedom in future.

At Kiekert right now, we are developing the “autonomous car door”, which combines our forward-looking E-latch excellENTRY with an automatic door opener actiMOVE and door protection sensors.

One example of a usage scenario would be: You’re on your way to work and want to get into your car, but you’re on the phone and carrying a coffee cup in your other hand. In future, our excellENTRY will unlock your car door electromechanically, Kiekert actiMOVE will open the door and you can step comfortably into your car. Once you are in the driving seat, you don’t need to reach for the door either – actiMOVE handles the whole process of closing the open door. A push of a button is all it takes, and the driver’s door swings closed comfortably and conveniently.

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